July 15
NPPGA Golf Open - Park River, ND

Aug. 26
GA Field Day - Larimore, Forest River Colony and Hoople, ND

Sept. 14-18

Potato Bowl USA Festivities - Grand Forks-East Grand Forks

The Northern Plains Potato Growers Association's (NPPGA) home office is located in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.  The association serves the potato growers and the potato industry in all of North Dakota and northwest Minnesota through funding research and providing legislative, operational and marketing support.  NPPGA is supported by over 200 grower members and has over 250 Potato Associate members. The Northern Plains is the 3rd largest potato growing region in the U.S. and produces potatoes for four distinct markets; frozen processing, fresh market, potato chips and certified seed.  The Red River Valley is the largest red potato producing region in the country.
Red River Red Makes a Comeback to Help Us Celebrate Our 75th Anniversary!
Just four years after the Red River Valley Potato Growers Association was conceived in 1946, “Red River Red” was created to be a mascot and a marketing tool for Red River Valley Potatoes. His reign was from 1950 to the early 1970’s. Being the icon that he is, we thought it was fitting to bring back “Red” to help celebrate our association’s 75th year!

Video Presentations Replace Live Meetings in 2020
Because of the pandemic, NPPGA was not able to hold its winter meetings.  Below you will find some video presentaion that normally would have been presented at the annual meeting and International Crop Expo.  Check out the Crop Science page on this website for more reports that would have been presented at the Research Reporting Conference.
NPPGA 2020 Crop Year Video Recap

Potatoes USA Video Update for NPPGA

National Potato Council Video Update for NPPGA

United Potato Growers of America Video Update for NPPGA
North Dakota Potato Video for kids. (ages 8-12)