Fargo Marathon

Event Date: May 16, 2022 – May 21, 2022

NPPGA will have a booth at the Expo Thursday and Friday. Stop in and say hello to our team! We’ll also be handing out potato chips after the race on Saturday–don’t forget to grab your bag!

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The Essentia Health Fargo Marathon is one of the best small-town marathons in the United States, and for good reason. Our course offers 26.2 miles (Or 13.1 if you opt for our half marathon) of Midwestern charm, a town-wide cheering section, and 50+ live bands and DJs to keep you entertained and motivated. It truly is an experience like no other. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. Our event is a week-long celebration of running and endurance from May 16, 2022 to May 21, 2022 that includes 7 total events from our extremely popular Friday Night 5K to our Furgo Dog Run and Cyclothon events. Everyone is welcome to participate, spectate, and enjoy, so what are you waiting for? Secure your spot today. Uff-da! 

WHEN: May 16-21, 2022

WHERE: Fargodome, Fargo, ND

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Heavy Precipitation in the Red River Valley will Likely Lead to Late Potato Planting

Just when it appeared a routine spring melt and flood season was past us, heavy rain saturated the Red River Valley late last week. The late spring flood will set the start of planting season back for nearly all crops in the Red River Valley, including potatoes.
Overland flooding from the Forest River along Hwy 81 just south of Minto, ND.
This National Weather Service map issued yesterday shows how widespread flooding is in the Red River Valley. (Green: Flood Warning)
As of yesterday, many smaller streams had peaked but were still very high and overland flooding continued. The Red River is expected to crest at major flood stage in Grand Forks tomorrow and downstream at Drayton, ND this coming weekend. Overland flooding has been widespread and many highways and county and township roads in the region have been washed out.
Most automated weather stations (NDAWN) throughout the region have recorded more than two inches of rain since last Friday, most of which fell on saturated topsoil from the spring melt and still-frozen subsoil. The weather station at the Grand Forks Potato Research Farm recorded nearly four inches of rain over that period.

More precipitation is forecast this coming weekend along with well below normal temperatures for the rest of this week.

– Ted Kreis – NPPGA Communications

EPA Releases Workplan to Address Backlog of Endangered Species Pesticide Reviews

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week released a workplan to address its obligations to protect both endangered species and register pesticides. The plan identifies as the agency’s highest priority those evaluations that are required to meet court-ordered deadlines of more than 50 pesticide active ingredients, including neonicotinoids.

“Completing this work will take EPA past 2040, yet the work represents less than 5% of all the (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) decisions in the next decade for which ESA obligations exist,” EPA’s press release said. “This is an unsustainable and legally tenuous situation, in which EPA’s schedule for meeting its ESA obligations has historically been determined through the courts,” the agency said. “The work-plan must provide a path for the agency to meet those obligations on its own, thus protecting endangered species while supporting responsible pesticide use.”

The next priority will be new registrations for conventional pesticide active ingredients following the agency’s announcement earlier this year that it would not register new active ingredients without first assessing their impacts on endangered species. The plan also calls out the Pesticide Program’s low staffing levels (603 in 2021 compared to 808 in 2005) as compounding the extent of the backlog.

The National Potato Council is currently in the process of reviewing the workplan along with others in the agricultural community and will be providing suggestions to EPA to assist with the plan.

Agreement Reached to Open Mexican Market to U.S. Potatoes by May 15

This week in Mexico, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack met with Mexico Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development Victor Villalobos to discuss their shared priorities on agriculture trade, science-based policy making, and sustainable and climate-smart agricultural production. At the conclusion of their meetings on Tuesday, Secretaries Vilsack and Villalobos announced the two countries “have concluded all necessary plant health protocols and agreed to a final visit by Mexican officials in April that finalizes expanded access to the entire Mexican market no later than May 15 for all U.S. table stock and chipping potatoes according to the agreed workplan.”

During a press availability after the meeting, Politico (subscription required) reported that Secretary Vilsack called Mexico’s agreement to live up to its trade obligations to allow U.S. potatoes full access by May 15 the “most significant” announcement from his visit with this Mexican counterpart.

From ‘Eye on D.C.’ Newsletter. Read more here.

Global Produce & Floral Show

Event Date: October 27, 2022 – October 29, 2022

Connect with all your global fresh produce and floral peers in one place.

WHEN: October 27-29, 2022

WHERE: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

LEARN MORE: https://bit.ly/34TUESy

National Potato Council Summer Meeting

Event Date: June 16, 2022 – June 17, 2022

Each summer, potato growers and industry leaders from across the country come together for public policy and organizational updates at NPC’s Summer Meeting. Meeting attendees participate in NPC’s Legislative, Environmental, Trade, and Grower Outreach and Industry Research, and Finance Committee meetings where a wide range of important topics to the grower community are discussed.

WHEN: June 16-17, 2022

WHERE: Renaissance Nashville HotelNashville, Tennessee

LEARN MORE: https://bit.ly/3tlBwq3